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Strive to Thrive by LMHF

"Thanks to this program, I now have the tools to manage the day to day stress that comes with being a first responder. The results have been life changing for me and my family."

                                                        -- John

Welcome to

Strive to Thrive from LMHF

The challenging, dangerous, and draining situations you face daily

can take their toll.

Studies show that first responders are more likely to suffer from depression, PTSD, and increased chances of other physical and mental conditions. When not treated, these conditions may cause more serious health issues and impact you and those you love. 

Strive to Thrive is a holistic wellness program created by LMHF that aims to improve the health and quality of life of all first responders and other public employees in high stress positions. 

Through interactive classes and workshops, you’ll learn how to develop health strategies to help cope daily stress, so you think and feel your best. 

What To Expect with Strive to Thrive

Our Services

Participants work with certified wellness coaches, personal trainers, and registered dieticians to...

Immediate Intervention

Catch a Falling Star is an immediate intervention option for participants and family members located in WNY. We can...

During Your Stay

Actively & holistically work through wellness activities such as nutrition workshops, sleep preparation, and....

Certified Experts

Personal trainers, registered dietitians & wellness coaches can work separately or together to help you...

Future Recover Healthcare

We have more intensive and private treatment for participants and families at our Palm Beach, Florida location where...

Support & Success

All first responders and public employees should enjoy a high quality of life. Our program works to help with stress so...

Participant Testimonials

“Thanks to this program I now have the tools to manage the day to day stress that comes with being a first responder.  The results have been life changing for me and my family.”

John, First Responder

Our Facility

Man Hiking in Wilderness

The Strive to Thrive program is hosted at Beaver Hollow Resort, a 300-acre natural wonderland with its own private lake. Located between Buffalo and Rochester, its natural environment and accommodations provide the right balance to help your mind and body reset. 

  • Gym access and miles of hiking trails

  • Indoor pool, lake access, daily bonfires

  • Meals and lodging provided

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