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The Strive to Thrive Program

Certified wellness coaches, personal trainers, and registered dieticians are all on staff to provide you with the best experience possible. 


Participate in wellness activities such as yoga, reflexology, nutrition workshops, cooking demos, sleep preparation workshops, hiking, and more. 

The Strive to Thrive program is hosted at Beaver Hollow Resort, a 300-acre natural wonderland with its own private lake. Located between Buffalo and Rochester, its natural environment and accommodations provide the right balance to help your mind and body reset. 

  • Gym access and miles of hiking trails

  • Indoor pool, lake access, daily bonfires

  • High-speed internet and 24-hour laundry 


Futures Recovery Healthcare, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, offers more intensive and private treatment for participants and families. 

Catch a Falling Star is an immediate intervention option for participants and family members located in western New York.  For more information, visit or contact Cindy Goss at (716) 435-4895.

Certified Personal Trainers will help you create and adapt a custom fitness plan, and how to manage pain through exercise. 

Registered Dietitians teach you how nutrition impacts your mood, stress, hormones, and inflammation. 

Wellness Coaches uncover underlying stress triggers and provide strategies to manage stress.

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Beaver Hollow
Catch a Faling Star
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